The Amazing Honeywell Apex on PC-12NG

It is embarrassing to realize as I progress on the PC-12NG that I am still probably using about half of the available features in the Honeywell automated flight deck. We utilize an SOP-driven series of activities and do not always innovate or explore in daily flight. To be fair this is the sensible and safe procedure. Using your sharpened and familiar tool kit with passengers on board is safer than innovating as you intercept the final approach to minimums! On longer level legs we usually challenge each other by reverting displays or playing “what it” and navigating by VOR or trying to immediately generate a gliding distance option in the case of a hypothetical engine shut-down. (Glide 92 miles from 30K feet agl)

Today with a hurricane off shore and winds topping 50K *and* low IFR at the islands, we are in a safety stand down situation so I am powering up the NG in the hangar and playing with all the buttons. The Aspen FlightStream connect capability is especially exciting. How efficient to load a flight plan direct from the iPad to the plane’s nav system. This network already provides download and transmission of all our engine and operation parameters direct to our maintenance department. Watch this video to experience the pilot side of some of this electronic magic:

And still an amazing stick and rudder, fun to fly airplane:

And continuing to improve:

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