“Day in the Life” Video

I have not published to this site in quite a while (so sorry) but I hope to catch up a bit as time allows. COVID has certainly slowed down our dispatch rate but we seem to be regaining some traction now that our full crew is vaccinated and new pilots are coming on board. This … Continue reading “Day in the Life” Video

Being a Captain

I never published this for some reason: now a few years ago. I am privileged to be flying an Ultra now and hope to get back to active writing (it helps me learn this stuff- there are lessons every day!) I became "captain" officially for Part 135 operations after my 135.299 ride with the FAA … Continue reading Being a Captain

“Selling” a Single…Pilatus PC-12NG Vs King Air B200GT

The economy, utility and safety of various aircraft, be they private singles or corporate carriages, are hotly debated subjects on the ramp among pilots and in boardrooms among CFOs. This controversy also fuels the sale of many flying magazines. (See this recent Flying Magazine article). There are a huge number of variables to consider when … Continue reading “Selling” a Single…Pilatus PC-12NG Vs King Air B200GT

Learning and Burning (Jet A): Teterboro Challenge!

It has been a very busy week with Memorial Day and many charter runs to Nantucket and the outer Long Island airports. All these flights inevitably originate in the NYC metro area with an intense pace in the air and then coordinating catering, passenger loading, fuel, luggage (and wheelchairs) on the ground. If you get … Continue reading Learning and Burning (Jet A): Teterboro Challenge!