Flying Instruments (in Pilatus #2) to “The Rock”

So far my life in charter has been a pretty charmed existence. Piloting brand new planes with luxurious interiors for pampered part 91 owners is not too tough. Additionally, except for dodging a couple of TSMs and a bit of ice, we have been mostly in clear air. Today was a test by fire piloting … Continue reading Flying Instruments (in Pilatus #2) to “The Rock”

Finally Flying (Flight Levels!)

So as you might imagine, flying clients is much easier and more fun than training with every possible emergency being continuously hurled at you! So far at this writing, I've made four trips and I am currently sitting in Chicago waiting for clients to return to KSYR as I type this. Then we reposition to … Continue reading Finally Flying (Flight Levels!)

Flight Safety International: Pilot Valhalla.

Flight Safety International has been the standard of quality in flight training for over 60 years. Their reputation mostly comes from superior quality training in "big iron" e.g. larger corporate jets. They train around the clock and around the world (just like the aviation market they support) and hire the best people in the industry. … Continue reading Flight Safety International: Pilot Valhalla.